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Judson Women Write

A celebration of Judson's Women Writers

Adair, Mildred

Mildred Adair, Class of 1916

Writer of children's music: Examples, "Little Songs for Little Singers: with a Worship Program for Each Month"; "Pine Trees: A Forest Fantasy"; and others.  She wrote alone and with others.

Airey, Genevieve Bell

Genevieve Bell Airey, Class of 1911

Prolific journalist

Ball, Ida Walker

Ida Walker Ball, Class of 1867

Lyricist and Composer


Bergdoll, Hazel Turk

Hazel Turk Bergdoll, Class of 1958


Bell, Lillian

Lillian Bell, Class of 1903


Boyd, Helen Warner

Helen Warner Boyd, Class of 1931

Bristow, Gwen

Gwen Bristow, Class of 1924

Fiction Writer


Brown, Mary Ward

Mary Ward Brown, Class of 1938

Fiction Writer

Brunson, May

May Brunson, Class of 1935

Non-Fiction Writer


Buford, Edward P.

Edward P. Buford, Class of Small Boys


Burnes, Valerie P.

Valerie P. Burnes, Class of 1999

Non-Fiction Writer

Burnett, Louise Davie

Louise Davie Burnett, Class of 1906


Burns, Annelu

Annelu Burns, Class of 1905

Musician & Poet

Byrd, Elizabeth Billingsley

Elizabeth Billingsley Byrd, Class of 1863

Fiction Writer

Caine, Sadie

Sadie Caine, Class of 1924

Non-Fiction Writer

Carver, Ada Jack

Ada Jack Carver, Attended 1980-1910

Cocke, Zitella

Zitella Cocke, Class of 1856


Cooper, Claire Hill

Claire Hill Cooper, Class of 1909

Non-Fiction Writer

Crumpton, Claudia Evangeline

 Claudia Evangeline Crumpton, Attended 1894-1896


Dormon, Caroline

Caroline Dormon, Class of 1907

Non-Fiction Writer

Drake, Eleanor C.

Eleanor Compton Drake, Class of 1986