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An Invitation

Bowling Library and Project Curiosty invite you to read a book together as the Judson Community. Lila embodies all that is Judson - matters of faith, knowledge, purpose; searching questions, kindness, truth, and noble deed. Read with your sisters and the faculty and staff of Judson. Share in the conversation and be changed. 

Lila, homeless and alone after years of roaming the countryside, steps inside a small-town Iowa church-the only available shelter from the rain-and ignites a romance and a debate that will reshape her life. She becomes the wife of a minister, John Ames, and begins a new existence while trying to make sense of the life that preceded her newfound security.

Read the rest of the synopsis here.

“Lila | Marilynne Robinson | Macmillan.” US Macmillan, Accessed 18 Sept. 2017.



Reader's Guide for Lila

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Judson Women Read is a critical thinking activity sponsored by Project Curiosity, Judson College’s Quality Enhancement Plan.