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Archives and Special Collections of Judson College: Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

All researchers must read and sign the Rules and Regulations for Use document indicating that they have read them and will abide by them.

The Archives and Special Collections of Judson College, hereafter referred to as the Archives, is open to Judson alumna, students, scholars, and the general public; however, children under the age of twelve are not permitted.

The Archives is located on the 2nd Floor of Bowling Library, which is a designated space for Quiet Study.

The Archives are “closed stacks,” meaning that researchers are not permitted within the Archives, but rather will conduct research in the reading room located on the 2nd Floor, just outside of the Archives.

Rules and Regulations for Use of Archives

  • Researchers must produce an official photographic identification: driver's license, employee identification, or passport.
  • Researchers must leave coats, book bags, briefcases, and other personal items in the designated area provided by the Archives.
  • Food, drink, tobacco, sharp implements, and ink pens are not allowed in the reading room.
  • The Archives may restrict the use of some records because of fragility, special format problems, or proprietary rights.
  • The use of personal computers, cameras, or scanners is allowed as long as they do not harm the records or disturb other researchers.
  • All cell phones must be silenced or in vibrate mode. Researchers are asked to leave the reading room to answer calls so as not to disturb other researchers and library patrons.
  • The library staff will deliver a maximum of one book cart of records upon request. Material delivered is recorded on “The Archives and Special Collections of Judson College Use Record,” and researchers will be asked to accept responsibility for returning all the contents in the same condition they were delivered.


Guidelines for Handling Collections

  • Please ensure that your hands are clean.
  • Depending on the materials, you may be asked to wear cotton gloves.
  • Use a pencil to take notes. Pens or markers of any kind are not permitted in the reading room.
  • Do not add or erase any marks on archival materials.
  • Do not place anything upon archival materials.
  • Keep everything in the original order.
  • Be mindful of the fragility of items and do not rest materials upon each other or lean upon archival materials.
  • Do not separate items from their folder.