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Archives and Special Collections of Judson College: Policies

Definition of the Archives and Special Collections of Judson College

The Archives and Special Collections of Judson College, hereafter referred to as The Archives, serves as the memory of Judson College.   Anne E. Kirtley, an early preserver of Judson history, said the purpose of her donation of archival materials was to, “…preserve in tangible form the manner of life of generations and the story of Judson days which otherwise would be lost; that it will preserve in each new generation reverence and love for our forbears and, above all, give them appreciation for Judson” so that, “there will always be a Judson…”. The Archives protects and tells the story of Judson by identifying, acquiring, and maintaining records, including realia, which tell of her decisions, her influences and influence, and her commitment to Christ.

Organization and Administration

The Archives is a department of Bowling Memorial Library and is under the supervision of the Director of Library Services. The Archives is located on the 2rd floor of Robert Bowling Memorial Library, consisting of the Mildred Johnston Memorial Archives Room, the Archives Annexes, and the reading room.

Mission of the Archives and Special Collections of Judson College

As part of a caring collegiate community, the Archives is dedicated in supporting Judson College’s mission to mature its students into well adjusted and productive citizens through the transmission of knowledge, refinement of intellect, the nurturing of faith, and the development of character. Resulting from these efforts, The Archives will:

  • Support and enable the administration which provides and maintains the overall structure of the college;
  • Determine what evidence is essential to Judson’s story, ensuring that the institution creates such evidence, and makes that evidence accessible to users;
  • Preserve essential evidences of Judson College;
  • Provide information that promotes the mission of Judson College internally and to the extended community;
  • Support teaching and enhance the curriculum as appropriate;
  • Support the research of the faculty, students, and other scholars through access to information;
  • Promote further understanding through discovery and dissemination of knowledge;
  • Acquire, preserve, and provide access to materials which tell Judson’s story of commitment to Christ.

Using the Archives and Special Collections of Judson College

The Archives is open by appointment Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., in accordance with the academic calendar of Judson College.

Researchers must register, provide photo identification, and read, sign, and abide by the rules and regulations governing the Archives.

The collections of the Archives are closed stacks, meaning that researchers may use finding aids to identify items of interest. Materials will be pulled by the library staff and researches may access those items in the reading room. The Administration of the Archives reserves the right to restrict access to certain collections. 

Only material which the College retains copyright may be reproduced. Any materials reproduced must be attributed to the Archives and Special Collections of Judson College.

Please see Rules and Regulations for a more thorough discussion of access to the Archives.


Operational decisions for the Archives will be consistent with the policies and procedures of Bowling Library. The Archives will be housed in Bowling Library.
The archivist works directly with the college’s administration and departments to assure the on-going fulfillment of the mission and purpose of the Archives. Policies and procedures approved by the administration will be followed. The archives program will follow, where appropriate, the Guidelines for College & University Archives published by the Society of American Archivists.

Research Fees

Only material which the College retains copyright may be reproduced. Any materials reproduced for publication must be attributed to Judson College.


$10 for up to 20 pages and 25 cents per page thereafter up to an additional 20 copies.

Digital File Retrieval

$5 per image, 300 dpi jpeg



New Scan for Personal Use

$15 per image, 300 dpi jpeg

Digital Image for Commercial Use

$25 per image, 300 dpi tiff.

We are unable to perform extensive genealogical searches.



The library staff will collect materials of enduring quality, including published and presented publications of Judson College: student publications and creations, programs from college events, faculty publications, college publications, student histories of Judson, scrapbooks, and realia, official papers such as self studies, board meeting minutes, speeches, and presidential papers. Materials concerning history of Perry County, higher education for women, the Civil War, and Baptist history, and individuals and entities connected to Judson College will also be considered for acquisition.

Gift Materials

The Archives and Special Collections of Judson College works with the Office of Institutional Advancement to communicate with friends of Judson College as both offices work together to enrich and tell the history of Judson College. The Office of Institutional Advancement has the responsibility for receipting all gifts to Judson College. Monetary gifts to Robert Bowling Memorial Library are received and receipted by the Advancement Office.

Donations of archival materials will be accepted in accordance with the following criteria:

Publications received as gifts will be evaluated by the same standards that apply to new materials selection.

The College retains the right to sell or dispose of gifted materials when they no longer meet the mission of the Archives. Donors are to be made aware of this.

Appraisal of gift materials to the library is the responsibility of the donor. Neither the College nor the Library appraises gifts.