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Archives and Special Collections of Judson College: Home

Pictures of Judson

Hours of Operation

The Archives is open by appointment Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., in accordance with the academic calendar of Judson College.


Please contact the Library Director ff to make an appointment or request information:


Phone: 334-683-5283

Robert Bowling Memorial Library

Archives and Special Collections of Judson College

Judson College

306 East Dekalb Street

Marion, AL 36756

What to Bring with You

  • Photo ID
  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Laptop
  • Camera

Depending on the fragility of the item, duplication may be permitted. 

Ink pens, markers, and sharp objects are not permitted in the Archives.

     The Archives and Special Collections of Judson College serves as the memory of Judson College.   Anne E. Kirtley, an early preserver of Judson history, said the purpose of her donation of archival materials was to, “…preserve in tangible form the manner of life of generations and the story of Judson days which otherwise would be lost; that it will preserve in each new generation reverence and love for our forbears and, above all, give them appreciation for Judson” so that, “there will always be a Judson…”. The Archives protects and tells the story of Judson by identifying, acquiring, and maintaining records, including realia, which tell of her decisions, her influences and influence, and her commitment to Christ.


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